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Painting Indoors During Summer: What To Consider

Painting the inside of your home during the summer months is not always easy due to the higher temperatures which can affect how the paint job turns out.

Summer Painting Indoors
Many experts have agreed that 21 degrees Celsius coupled with 50 percent humidity is the best weather condition for painting projects, but with indoor painting, weather conditions are not as big a factor. When painting the inner walls of a house during summer, there are still things that you should consider carefully.

Paint Type
When you are looking for the right kind of interior painting, it is as important as the paint colour. In simple terms, you should use paint that is 100 percent acrylic as they tend to be better at withstanding fading, conceal better, have enhanced stain resistance, and can be easily cleaned when dirty.

Summer heat can dry your paint quickly, which could mean you end up with an uneven finish and also unsightly speckling. When the paint dries quickly after application, subsequent layers of paint on the same areas can appear to overlap, so choose your paint with care.

The ability of certain paint to dry can be slowed down by diluting the mix with water, but be sure to use the right quantity of water.. Too much water won’t help and too little water could delay the drying process. A paint additive is also something to consider.

Paint the Shaded Areas
Never paint a wall that has full exposure to the sun, and always look to paint shaded parts. Heat can sear through paint coating, preventing strong penetration and coating bonds. Over 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 degrees Celsius is too warm for painting. Another tip is to paint early in the morning or after 4 pm.

Choosing a Colour
When you are looking for your own personal style and what looks best, shades of blue and green are preferred summer hue choices as they are reminiscent of sky, water, and foliage, ideal for the summer.

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